The Victor’s Stone in Majula is how players get into the Company of Champions, a Covenant that makes the game harder for players. It also makes it so players can earn Awestones to get rewards from the Covenant. These rewards are available after giving the Victor’s Stone a certain number of Awestones. This is everything to know about the Victor’s Stone and the Company of Champions.

What Is The Company Of Champions

Kneeling in front of the Victor’s Stone in Majula gives players the option of joining the Company of Champions, a covenant more suited for those seeking more of a challenge. Joining the Company of Champions will disable cooperative play which includes the summoning of other players and NPCs. It also increases the damage enemies deal to the player, as well as increases their damage reduction, HP, and awareness of the player.

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What Are Awestones

When entering the Covenant, players will receive the Champion’s Tablet to look at their place among the leaderboards. Awestones will drop from specific enemies and are used to get rewards and increase ranking in the Covenant. These rewards are:

  • 10 Awestones – Great Magic Weapon
  • 25 Awestones – First Dragon Ring
  • 50 Awestones – Vanquisher’s Seal

Awestones will drop from a variety of enemies but are most commonly dropped from the larger enemies in each area. The Ogre in the Forest of the Fallen Giants and the Old Knights in Heide’s Tower of Flame are two examples. Farming can’t be done infinitely, however, as enemies will stop spawning after a while. Using a Bonfire Ascetic can remedy this as it will turn a bonfire’s area into its following New Game Plus cycle.

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