In the recent Final Fantasy XIV March 3 Live Letter, the developers revealed a host of new additions to the game set for patch 6.1. One of these new additions was the Unending Codex. But just what is the Unending Codex, and how does it work in Final Fantasy XIV?

The Unending Codex is an interactive lore and character concept book that’s accessible in-game. Unlocked during the new Main Story Quest (MSQ) for 6.1, the Unending Codex will be a glossary of details about characters, concept art, and other features. It will be located in the Collections section of your menu.

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It’s also thought that the Codex will play a role in the new sidequests Tataru’s Grand Endeavor. Tataru is featured heavily in the Codex preview art, and the Unending Codex could be part of the diminutive administrator’s new mission!

Image via Square Enix

Overall, the Unending Codex will give players something to attempt to fill in, like an in-game scrapbook. You’ll unlock pieces of concept art, snippets of lore, and other details as you play the game and have something to look back over and enjoy once you’re done with the MSQ. Another small feature that will bring a lot of enjoyment and depth into the game, and make it more like a single player RPG.

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