If you have ever noticed while wandering around in one of the various locations in Yakuza Like Dragon, you probably noticed at some point a small yellow bar icon on the right of your screen. This yellow bar is the threat system in Yakuza Like Dragon, and if you were wondering how it exactly works, keep reading below to find out.

How does the Threat System work in Yakuza: Like A Dragon

In short, the threat system is Yakuza Like A Dragon’s way of displaying the difficulty of some areas, whereas the higher the bar, the harder the enemies, and vise versa. That said, If the bar has only two dots, this indicates that the enemies are a little bit around your level; however if it has four or six, you will be fighting and finding stronger foes. 

The Threat system will also increase as you level up to reflect your party’s current level. However, it is worth noting that there is no way to lower the threat level, and areas with high threat levels will stay difficult. This can actually work to your advantage as you can farm these areas for yen and XP.

I would also recommend finding areas with around three to four threat levels, as the enemies in these areas will offer you the most yen when defeated, and you might find some rare materials while you are at it.

If you require more help with Yakuza Like A Dragon, we have a ton of guides over at the Yakuza game page. 

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