The in-game description of Obakes in Phasmophobia tells players that Obakes can leave behind special evidence when shapeshifting. However, it is not exactly clear how these ghosts shapeshift or what the evidence even looks like.

Luckily it’s very easy to find the special evidence as it will often be left in place traditional fingerprints. Obakes will sometimes leave behind a six-finger handprint that looks completely different from the normal handprints instead of the normal handprints. You will also need to have a UV light, or you will not see the special handprint.

That said, you can use the special six finger handprint the Obake leaves behind to safely confirm the ghost type is an Obake without even looking for the other two pieces of proof. So far, it also seems like this is the only example of shapeshifting the ghost will leave, so if you were hoping for full-on human-looking encounters, there isn’t any in the game.

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