Few games focus on kung-fu the way that SIFU promises. This indie game developed by Sloclap follows a Kung-Fu protégé on his path to vengeance. Sloclap’s game garnered praise for its unique design and premise, which follows a fighter throughout his years of training.

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Originally, the game was slated for 2021, but in PlayStation’s July 2021 State of Play, Sloclap announced that the game will now launch in early 2022. No date was given during the conference, but Sloclap decided to push this title back to release a more polished game, one that didn’t implement crunch for developers.

SIFU is a third-person action game releasing on PS4, PS5, and the Epic Games store. The story follows a Pak-Mei Kung-Fu student as he learns to fight, age and experience become his true allies. Players will have to use environments, objects, and weapons to overcome hordes of enemies.

With the Kung-Fu student at a heavy disadvantage, he’ll have to use all the tools and skills he’s learned to take the foes around him down. It’s a fascinating premise, but one that players will have to wait a bit longer to enjoy.

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