Many games use the rock-paper-scissors mechanic, and Warcraft Arclight Rumble is no exception. Blizzard, the developer, has made it simple to remember which Mini types can beat other types, which makes sense.

What Mini types beat other Mini types in Warcraft Arclight Rumble?

Due to their altitude, the Flying Minis beat the Melee Minis. Melee Minis win over Range Minis because they are better at up-front combat. Range Minis can shoot down Flying Minis, completing a triangle (or circle). In simpler terms:

  • Flying beats Melee
  • Melee beats Range
  • Range beats Flying

This is because players will be sending troops to attack their enemies. A good strategy would be to wait for the opponent to send out their troops and then send out the Minis that beat them. From there, find out which Mini can beat the one you just sent out, and then send out the Mini that can beat the one that can beat yours.

It is important to use that cycle because your enemy will instinctively try to beat the Mini you sent out, so you will always be one step ahead. The mechanic becomes easier as you practice and it’s very easy to understand. You should always have at least one of each type in your army, or your opponent can easily sweep the floor with you with the Mini you cannot defeat.

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