BlockZone, the Roblox studio behind Anime Fighting Simulator, has announced a surprise release launching this week. Anime Warriors is the studio’s next major anime title, which might come as a surprise since it appears separate from Anime Legends, the upcoming title that the studio has teased for months.

Anime Warriors is expected to release on Friday, Aug. 13 2021, as stated in the announcement trailer tweeted by BlockZone. The game will be free-to-play and available on both PC and mobile devices.

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In Anime Warriors, players can team up with friends to grow stronger and defeat powerful enemies throughout the multiverse. There will be tons of quests to complete and multiple characters to summon and upgrade, similar to Anime Fighting Simulator. It appears players will fight multiple enemies at once, making combos a necessary mechanic in order to defeat waves of enemies.

From Dragon Ball to Naruto to One Piece, many iconic anime titles appeared in the announcement trailer, so players can look forward to interacting with their favorite heroes and villains. It is unknown if there is an overarching story in Anime Warriors, but the Roblox multiverse will cause anime universes to collide.

Anime Warriors is for sure a surprise for many fans of BlockZone’s games. For months, players have anticipated BlockZone’s open-world anime game called Anime Legends, which appears more in line with open-world RPGs like Genshin Impact.

Whether Anime Warriors is just a spiritual successor to Anime Fighting Simulator or a separate game entirely is unknown at this time. But what remains clear is that Anime Warriors is a different title from Anime Legends, so this should hold players over until the open-world experience officially releases.

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