In the vast world of Elden Ring, players will have to visit several locations to unlock unique abilities and upgrades for their character. The Church of Dragon Communion is one of these locations that players will discover at Limgrave. It is a church with broken dragon statues, with a bright, red-flame alter at the center of the location. 

The Church of Dragon Communion is located on the island, southwest of Limgrave. Players cannot visit this location on foot or on a horse. To visit the Church of Dragon Communion, players will have to go through the Coastal Caves. This cave is located on the western edge of Limgrave, and you will have to fight through two Demi-Human Chiefs to reach this location. 

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The Church of Dragon Communion allows players to equip magical Dragon abilities. You can learn how to spew fire or get dragon claws to damage enemies and unlock a range of other abilities at this location. While traveling to the Church of Dragon Communion isn’t easy, you will not be rewarded for visiting the spot. In fact, players will need a Dragon heart to unlock draconian powers in Elden Ring. 

The closest Dragon you can find near Limgrave is Flying Dragon Agheel, located far east from the Church Of Elleh. Defeat the dragon, get its heart, and head for the Church of Dragon Communion. Players will also need to boost their Faith and Arcane attributes to about 15 to perform draconian abilities in Elden Ring. 

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