The Game Awards are one of the most significant events for gaming news, offering several surprise announcements for upcoming releases. At the award show, Atlus unveiled the remaster of their popular fighting game, Persona 4 Arena, which is receiving a remaster on current-gen platforms. But when does this classic title’s remaster release.

Persona 4 Arena The Ultimax: Ultra Suplex Hold will release on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam on Mar. 17, 2022. Persona 4 Arena was originally released on Mar. 1, 2012, for Xbox 360 and PS3, so there are sure to be some first-time players this time around. Preorders are available now on Steam, with presales set to start soon for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will expand on the features of the base game, much like other Atlus rereleases like Persona 4 Golden and Persona 5 Royal. You can check out the official Japanese announcement trailer, which you can see below:

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