TUNIC is an upcoming action-adventure game about a tiny fox on a big adventure. It is being developed by Andrew Shouldice and produced by Finji. This game has been in the works for quite some time and finally has a release date.

TUNIC will release on March 16, 2022, for both PC and Xbox which means players won’t have to wait too long into the new year to play this adorable game. TUNIC has an isometric viewpoint which is perfect to show off its beautiful art style.

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In this game, players take control of a small fox who is stranded on a mysterious beach. Curiosity will lead the player to explore this island. Along the way, they will face colossal beasts, collect items, and discover long-lost secrets.

TUNIC will feature an original soundtrack by Lifeformed who has worked on titles such as Dustforce and Double Fine Adventure. Stay tuned for more updates on TUNIC as its release draws closer and you get to take control of this cute fox!

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