At last, the lost one rises. As a new update to the Warframe franchise you can obtain Revenant Prime and exclusive accessories by getting Revenant Prime access. Here’s when the awaited new content drops.

Revenant Prime Warframe release date

Players will be able to get Revenant Prime Warframe starting on October 5, 2022.

In addition to Revenant Prime, Revenant Prime Warframe also unlocks the signature weapons Tatsu Prime and Phantasma Prime. Tatsu Prime gains power after every kill and the effect is amplified when it’s being handled by Revenant. Phantasma Prime, on the other hand, comes with a higher magazine capacity when Revenant is using it.

Various accessories will also come with the game, including:

  • Aurimus Prime Syandana
  • Vetala Prime Armor
  • 90 day resource boost
  • 90 day affinity booster

Revenant Prime is the variant of Revenant that was made with Orokin technology. As a result, Revenant Prime comes with higher levels in energy, shields, and sprint speed. Real prime items are notoriously hard to find because they have to be created through prime parts and blueprints that are only found in the Orokin Void, which is surrounded by The Corrupted. This is part of why Prime Access, a program that offers Prime Warframes and Prime Gear, is such a huge deal. It gives you immediate access to the Primes you want without the build time.

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