PlayStation’s October 2021 State of Play focused on third-party titles coming to Sony platforms for the next few months, with a few surprises peppered in the showcase along the way. One such surprise was the release date announcement for First Class Trouble, a title created by Invisible Walls and Versus Evil.

First Class Trouble releases on PS4 and PS5 on November 2, 2021. The title will also be available as one of November’s free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers on the same day.

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First Class Trouble throws six players into a scenario where two of their companions are Personoids trying to kill the other party members. It’s up to the lobby to figure out who the traitors are and beat them before the Personoids kill everyone else. The developers have dubbed the game a Social Deduction experience, where players must investigate how other players behave to determine the culprit.

Those interested in seeing a sneak preview of the gameplay for First Class Trouble can check out the video below:

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