Horizon Forbidden West is the highly-anticipated sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. It releases on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on Feb. 18, 2022. The sequel adds many new features and improves previous mechanics. One improved feature is climbing, through more climbable surfaces and the Pullcaster. You might be wondering what the Pullcaster is.

The Pullcaster in Horizon Forbidden West is a new grappling hook that Aloy can use to pull herself to surfaces quickly. She can use this to grapple to new heights or walls. This new tool was shown off in IGN’s Horizon Forbidden West preview. This item appears around the 1:50 minute mark.

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Climbing was somewhat of a weak point in Horizon Zero Dawn, and while not every surface is climbable in the sequel, developer Guerilla has improved it tremendously. Players can use focus to spot highlighted climbable surfaces and then use the Pullcaster to reach them quickly.

The Pullcaster is one of many new additions in Horizon Forbidden West. However, we likey won’t know all the new features, weapons, and gadgets in the sequel until it releases on Feb. 18.

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