Project Slayers is a Roblox game themed after the anime Demon Slayer. The game allows you to be a Demon Slayer in training, leveling up and felling ever greater foes. Although jumping right into Project Slayers as a new player can be intimidating, the developers have released a Project Slayers guide on the website Trello. Here’s where you can find the Project Slayers Trello link.

Where to find the Project Slayers Trello board

The Project Slayers Trello link is On this board, players can find an extensive guide on the different aspects of Project Slayers, such as Breathing Styles, important locations, and Demon Blood Arts. The board also contains descriptions of the game’s bosses, as well as their attack styles.

This Trello board is useful for any player who finds the new player experience confusing and would like a rundown on the game’s mechanics. It is also helpful for adept players looking for a rare boss item drop. Although the Trello board is a beneficial resource, we also have several Project Slayers guides available here on GameTips.PRO.

Who are the Project Slayers developers?

Project Slayers is created by ouw0pp and his small team of developers. They have been working on refining Project Slayers since August of 2020. However, they have been working on the revamped R15 version of Project Slayers since November of 2021.

Here are all of the Project Slayers developers:

  • Knoxity
  • Erza
  • con
  • Acylene
  • Ather
  • Lynx
  • Note
  • TBGlitch
  • Kazama

These are the creators of the Project Slayers Trello board:

  • Broly
  • Ice
  • Pas
  • Leo
  • Dland
  • Halls

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