In Lost Ark, you can have Pets that help your farm for resources and provide you with different abilities. The Pet Ranch is a location in the player’s Stronghold that allows these Pets to play, train, grow, and help you earn even more rewards. Pets will be able to create Jam Cookies and earn Pet Expertise at the Pet Ranch to better your experience and unlock new abilities!

How does Pet Ranch work in Lost Ark

The Pet Ranch is separated into two areas: the Cookie Workshop and the Ranch.

In the Cookie Workshop, your Pets are essentially working to produce Jam Cookies. When working in the Cookie Workshop, your Pet’s morale will go down, but you can exchange these Jam Cookies for a variety of things.

  • Vitameow
    • A consumable vitamin that gives vitality to Pets, recovering 10% of a Pet’s Morale.
  • Arcane Battery
    • A battery booster was created by the Nebelhorn Lab in Arthentine. When a booster is applied, three extra Jam Cookies will be produced every ten minutes in the Cookie Workshop.
  • Pet Expertise Potion
    • A potion created by the Vern Magick Society to increase Pet Expertise.
  • Pet Customization Potion
    • A morph potion for Pets, which can be used on Legendary Pets to unlock the reskin feature.
  • Pet Growth Token
    • A mysterious enchanted token produced by the Vern Magick Society, used when upgrading Pets.

As your Pets gain Pet Expertise from working at the Cookie Workshop, they’ll be able to unlock additional Cookie Workshop slots and increase your output.


The Ranch allows Pets to relax and play with other Pets. This also allows for them to regain morale that can be used to create more Jam Cookies.

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