When looking for information about your favorite games, you usually want to try the official sources first. And it’s no different with Ooblets, the cute life sim about farming, dancing, and collecting creatures. So, what are the Ooblets Discord and Wiki? And are there other sites you should check out?

The Ooblets Discord channel is a great place to start if you want to learn more about the game. You’ll find all the official newsFAQs, and patch notes, while you can report bugs and give feedback here. But it’s also a great place to meet and chat with other Ooblets players. 

  • Official Ooblets Discord

We all get to that point in a game where we’re a bit stuck or just want some extra information. If that’s where you’re at, the best place to start your hunt for knowledge is the Official Ooblets Wiki. It has hundreds of articles and thousands of pages, including all you need to know about characters, items, regions, customization, and more.

  • Official Ooblets Wiki

What other sites can you find for Ooblets?

If you still want more Ooblets information, there are lots more sites you can check out. A great place to start is the official Ooblets home page for the game. You should definitely check out the Ooblets TikTok channel if you’re looking for video clips. And for all the latest info, why not follow them on Twitter?

You can also find out lots more about Ooblets here at GameTips.PRO! Find out How to get Gleamy (Shiny) Ooblets, How to get clothlets in Ooblets, and more.

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