One of the most exciting things revealed in the March 3 Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter was the brand new Alliance Raid, Myths of the Realm. But what is Myths of the Realm, and what can we expect from this Alliance Raid?

Alliance Raids are 24-person raids that are a more casual form of raiding content. Myths of the Realm is the name of the new 24-person Alliance Raid series for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. 

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Alliance Raids usually have some story significance, but more often than not act as side content. Their main function mechanically is to give players catch-up gear that allows them to take part in the more difficult Savage, 8-person Raids. The Pandaemonium raid series was released in patch 6.05. If you’ve not managed to clear that raid series yet, the 24-person raids will give you the gear you need to clear those raids on Normal and Savage difficulty.

As for the theme of the Myths of the Realm raid, it’s currently unknown what they’ll be. Many suspect that they’ll be related to The Twelve, the gods of Eorzea, whose true origins were questioned at the end of Endwalker’s Main Story Quest. However, with just a single screenshot to go on right now, we can only speculate about the content.

The Myths of the Realm Part 1 raid will be released in patch 6.1, as per the official Final Fantasy XIV website. 

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