In Vampire Survivors’ latest update, many new features were added. Alongside new enemies, characters, maps, and other features, one of the biggest was the Milky Way Map. But what is the Milky Way Map, and how do you unlock it?

The Milky Way Map is an item that unlocks a minimap for you to use on the pause menu. To unlock the Milky Way Map, you first need to unlock the Dairy Plant level in Vampire Survivors. To do this, you’ll have to reach at least level 40 in the second level, the Inlaid Library.

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Next, you’ll need to start a run on the Dairy Plant. You’ll notice a green arrow on the edge of the screen pointing in a direction off-screen, just like if there was a chest. Follow the arrow. It will take you a reasonable long time to reach your destination, so it’s worth leveling up and fighting enemies on the way.

When you arrive at the location the green arrow is pointing to, you’ll see the Milky Way Map on a table. As you approach, several boss enemies will spawn. You don’t need to kill these enemies; you can bypass them. Pick up the item, and the Milky Way Map is now unlocked.

The next time you start a run of Vampire Survivors, you’ll be able to access the map in the pause menu. The map shows the location of valuable upgrades and other secret locations.

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