In 2014, BioWare released Dragon Age: Inquisition. This action RPG serves as the third entry in the Dragon Age franchise. With a new Dragon Age brewing at EA, fans flock to this beloved series to experience an excellent decision-driven story. As with most RPGs, there is a leveling system, one that rewards players with new abilities and skills for each new level gained. But what is the max level in this RPG?

The max level in Dragon Age: Inquisition is 27. To reach this level, players will need 791,384 experience points (according to the game’s Wikipedia.) It may seem like an odd level cap, but this is because any extra levels would increase the amount of skills players could acquire, and that could impact the balance of the game.

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Players can earn experience by completing quests, defeating enemies, and exploring the game’s vast open world. Progressing through the main story will offer substantial experience as well. There are even dragons for players to track down and hunt for experience and rewards.

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