MultiVersus offers various characters to choose from, and each has a different playstyle. Whether you pick one of your favorite characters like Shaggy, Batman, and Bugs Bunny, or go by classes such as Tanks, Bruisers, or Mages, you will have a character level. This may leave you wondering what the max character level is in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus – Max Character Level

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As of now, there is no max character level in MultiVersus. But rewards for each character stop at level 15, meaning you will not earn any rewards for leveling past this point. Whether or not rewards will be added in MultiVersus season 1 or at full release is unknown. For now, you’ll stop receiving unlocks once a character has reached level 15.

What is the Max Player Level in MultiVersus?

Currently, there is no known level cap for the player’s level in MultiVersus either. But unlike character levels, you can continue to receive rewards for increasing your player level. This tends to be coins, but this is a good reward as leveling up is a great way to earn coins and unlock characters. We will update this guide with the appropriate information if a level cap is discovered.

How to level up in MultiVersus

As you play, you will earn experience points both for your character and player level, so simply playing the game will level up both. Winning matches will earn more experience, so put some practice into your favorite characters to get more experience.

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