If players die in Sifu, they can restart where they died at the cost of their age, and this is because of the pendant they’ve been wearing. Five medallions will be attached to the pendant, and each medallion will be broken every 10 years. As the medallion only works up to a certain age, players have only 50 years to complete the game.

Once you reach 70, your last medallion breaks, so you cannot come back to life if you die at any age after age 70.

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During the game, players have a death counter which ages them based on how high it is. One death gives one year, two deaths gives two years, and so on. Players can reset the death counter by defeating certain enemies, but this does not make the main character younger. As the player ages, their maximum health drops, but the experience of aging makes them stronger.

Age only affects how much health a player has and how much damage they can do. Getting older decreases a player’s maximum health, and their damage output increases. Damage, health, and appearance are the only real effects of aging.

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