Errors are a part of gaming nowadays. Especially for always-online games like Sea of Thieves. In an effort to help players identify whatever issue they might be encountering, developers like to create unique error code names so they are easily searchable for solutions.

The Llamabeard error occurs when Sea of Thieves services are temporarily unavailable. Other error codes that can pop up when Sea of Thieves is down are Coralbeard and Obsidianbeard. Usually, there is nothing that players can do when these errors appear except wait. It’s almost always an issue with the Sea of Thieves service. Otherwise, it would be a different error code entirely.

Once players have checked that their own connection is good, they can check the Game Status Page to see if the servers are up. If not, Rare usually provides an explanation as to what is going on and an ETA for their return. So while you wait for the servers to come back, why not read an article or two on GameTips.PRO? We have plenty of Sea of Thieves content in addition to coverage on all your favorite games.

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