Life is Strange may bring players an emotive storyline, compelling characters and beautiful scenery, but it also comes along with a great soundtrack! Whoever is in charge of song selection over at Square Enix and Dontnod gets it right every time. So, here is a refresher of the song listing.

The songs in this playlist work so well with the narrative, if you are coming to the series new because of the remaster then you are in for a treat:

  • José González – Crosses
  • Angus and Julia Stone – Santa Monica Dream
  • Sparklehorse – Piano Fire
  • Syd Matters – Obstacles
  • Syd Matters – To All of You
  • Local Natives – Mt. Washington
  • Bright Eyes – Lua
  • Mogwai – Kids Will be Skeletons
  • Message to Bears – Mountains
  • Breton – Got Well Soon
  • Foals – Spanish Sahara
  • Mud Flow – The Sense of Me
  • Amanda Palmer & Brian Vigilone – In My Mind
  • Kes Loy – Byte Me
  • Darren Leigh – Bamalam
  • Darren Leigh, Purkiss – NRG Flex
  • Jason Pedder – Make the Call
  • Jason Pedder – Hot in There
  • Jason Pedder – Bang Tidy
  • William – All Eyes on Me
  • Jason Legget – All Wrong
  • William Davies, Edward Nutbrown, Charles Nutbrown, Tajh Abdulsamad – Naughty
  • William Davies, Edward Nutbrown, Charles Nutbrown, Ian Turnstall – Check ‘em Out
  • Barrie Gledden, Chris Bussey, Steve Dymond – What a Day
  • Barrie Gledden, Chris Bussey, Steve Dymond – Save the World
  • David Tobin, Jeff Meegan, Tim Garland – Crazy Like Me

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Syd Matters did a lot of work for this soundtrack, and even though he may not stand out in name as much as say Foals or Alt-J, his songs work perfectly and are great as standalone tunes. Give them a listen if you haven’t already.

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