We covered the soundtrack listing for Life is Strange as the remaster release is just around the corner, so of course we had to do the same for Before the Storm! Once again, there are some great songs that we discovered purely because of the song listing. So, here are Before the Storm’s jams.

Admittedly, for Before the Storm the soundtrack is basically a Daughter album – but trust us when we say that it’s absolutely fantastic and goes so well with the game:

  • Daughter – The Right Way Around
  • Daughter – A Hole in the Earth
  • Daughter – All I Wanted
  • Daughter – Witches
  • Daughter – Improve
  • Daughter – Burn it Down
  • Daughter – Voices
  • Daughter – Hope
  • Daughter – Departure
  • Daughter – Glass
  • Daughter – I Can’t Live Here Anymore
  • Daughter – Dreams of William
  • Daughter – Flaws
  • Daughter – No Care
  • Daughter – Youth
  • Wolf Alice – Bros
  • Pretty Vicious – Are You Ready for Me
  • Speedy Ortiz – No Below
  • Thomm Jutz and Peter Cronin – Burning the Midnight Oil
  • Lanterns on the Lake – Through the Cellar Door
  • Tenderfoot – Crazy Suzie
  • Sarah Gillespie – Out of Line
  • Aaron Jones – Slaves
  • Enter the Void – Just Hold On
  • Koda – I Don’t
  • Tom Boddy, Pete Masitti – Fly
  • Brody Dalle – Don’t Mess with Me
  • Ben Howard – Black Flies
  • John Dankworth – Memories of Benny
  • John Dankworth – Redwood Trail
  • Barrie Gledden – Power to the People
  • Barrie Gledden – Who Knows
  • Barrie Gledden – When it Feels Like This
  • Barrie Gledden – Pinstripe Punk
  • Barrie Gledden, Chris Bussey, Jason Pedder – Lucky Ones
  • Barrie Gledden, Chris Bussey, Jason Pedder – One in a Million
  • Broods – Taking You There (Acoustic)
  • Tim Garland – Heavenly Moon
  • Tim Garland – Foolish Dreamer
  • Tim Garland – Smile at Me
  • Tim Garland – Strange Shapes that Love Takes

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There are some other familiar names on the list such as Wolf Alice, but Daughter truly do bring it home with the original music they composed for the game. It’s great to listen to for standalone tracks as well, so we’re excited to hear it again whilst playing the remaster.

There are definitely some other songs on the list that have become playlist staples which were discovered only by playing Before the Storm, so maybe you’ll get some more tracks to regularly listen to.

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