In a new trailer, Nintendo dropped plenty of gameplay footage of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. It highlighted many features set to be present in the new game. One of these is the new “Let’s Go” command, which appears to be a huge quality-of-life upgrade.

What is the “Let’s Go” command from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

The “Let’s Go” command seems a feature you can use automatically in the open world to fight other Pokémon. It sends your lead Pokémon directly out in front of you. At about the 3:00 minute in the trailer, a Quaxly was sent out and encountered a Litleo. After a comical tussle animation, Quaxly appeared to have lost a little health, but an on-screen notification let the player know that Quaxly had defeated its opponent and gained a Litleo Tuft.

The trailer also showed that the “Let’s Go” command could be used to quickly gather items from pokéballs scattered in the wild by sending your lead Pokémon out to grab it.

Finally, the “Let’s Go” command was shown while battling Team Star on Starfall Street. Your Team Star opponents will send their Pokémon out into the open world rather than fighting you in traditional battles. You’ll need to use the “Let’s Go” command to defeat all of the enemy Pokémon in the base.

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