Ubisoft’s Riders Republic is an extreme sports game that capitalizes on the social aspects of the game. Players can participate and compete in races, trick battles, and stunt challenges together. There is also the mass race which features 64 racers all together in a single race. With all these social aspects, it makes sense that Riders Republic is more fun with friends.

Riders Republic features a friend referral system that players can connect with their friends and strangers. This system can be somewhat confusing, but it works by inviting your Ubisoft Connect friends there or sharing a link from the site. You can only have five friends accept your referral, and each one unlocks a reward. Your friends will receive rewards as well.

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For your friends to accept the referral, they must be level 11, which players can achieve quickly by completing a few races or events. The friend referral program is available on all platforms will be available indefinitely. This means that no matter when you jump into Riders Republic, you can still get the rewards!

If you are planning to play with friends, you should take advantage of the free rewards in this system. Players can also use it with friends who get the game later since the codes are valid throughout Riders Republic lifespan. So get out there and get riding!

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