When it comes to online games, most have an option for players to test their strength against each other through PvP—Player versus Player combat. PvP is typically challenging and fast-paced, requiring players to showcase all the skills they’ve developed while playing through the game to secure victory. Final Fantasy XIV is no exception to this, offering a version of PvP called The Feast.

Existing in an arena specifically made for combating other players, The Feast gives players the option of taking part in PvP combat if they want to. It offers a change in the usual mechanics of combat by slightly altering weapon skill effects and actions, along with granting fun rewards. So how do you take part in The Feast?

Unlocking The Feast

To unlock access to The Feast, first, make sure you have completed the following:

  • Grand Company quest A Pup No Longer
  • Reached Level 30

After meeting these requirements, players should head to Mor Dhona to accept the quest A Seat At The Feast from the NPC Alys. You’ll be sent over to the Moraby Drydocks to speak with the Ferry Skipper, who will then provide passage for players to the Wolves’ Den. After arriving, speak with the NPC Berkoeya Loethahlsyn to complete the quest and unlock access to The Feast. Players can now enter The Feast by using the duty finder or traveling to the Wolves Den.

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Taking part in The Feast

The Feast has a few modes for players to choose from—Training Matches, Ranked Matches, Team Ranked Matches, and Custom Matches. Most of these options require you to form a party before participating, but the Training Matches and non-custom Ranked Matches can be played solo. The path to victory is the same regardless of which mode you choose—collecting medals.


The goal of The Feast is to be the player or team with the most medals in their possession at the end of the match. Each player will start the match with a certain number of medals, and the max number of medals that can be held is determined by your role. The amounts that can be held are as follows:

  • Tank – 200 medals
  • Melee Damage-per-Second – 175 medals
  • Physical and Magical Ranged Damage-per-Second – 150 medals
  • Healer – 125 medals

Each time a player is defeated, they will lose half of the medals in their possession. Players from the opposing team can then claim those medals by standing over them. Keep in mind, though, that any unclaimed medals will return to the original owner’s pockets after a set amount of time.

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In the event that both teams have the same number of medals at the six-minute mark of the match, a two-minute Sudden Death will occur. The first team to obtain a medal will win, and the match will end in a draw if no medals are collected within the two minutes.

Loot and rewards

Players will receive rewards whether they win the match or not. Each match will yield Allagan Tomestones of Allegory, Allagan Tomestones of Revelation, Player-versus-Player experience points, and Wolf Marks. The amount of experience and Marks received are:

  • Winning Team – 500 experience points and Wolf Marks
  • Losing Team – 250 experience points and Wolf Marks

The PvP experience points count toward your Rank in The Feast, granting access to nicer rewards as your Rank increases. Wolf Marks, on the other hand, can be exchanged for all sorts of gear and other items by speaking with one of the many Maelstrom Soldiers stationed around the Wolves’ Den Pier.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg with The Feast, though. There’s more to learn, and the best way to do so is by just jumping in and trying it out for yourself. Just remember to have fun, and save some room in your stomach, because it’s time to feast!

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