Techland’s highly anticipated sequel, Dying Light 2, is finally out, and players can tackle this dangerous world alone or with friends as they explore the chaotic world of Dying Light. While there are plenty of activities for players to experience in the game, they’ll need to complete the prologue before there can see all the game has to offer. How long can users expect this prologue to last?

The prologue of Dying Light 2 spans three missions and will run players around two to three hours before the world opens up. These prologue missions introduce players to several of the game’s critical mechanics like melee combat, parkour movement, and surviving at night when the infected are most volatile.

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Once players complete the prologue, they’ll be able to play with friends online, explore the world at leisure, and visit the many optional locations in Dying Light 2, along with taking on a slew of side-missions afforded to users via the game’s various NPCs.

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