Call of Duty: Warzone incorporates several in-game events and mystery locations in its Battle Royale modes. The Season 5 Last Stand update for the game introduced a brand new objective called the Doomsday Station. Players can complete this objective for rare loot items that can prove to be a game-changer for the match.

Where to find the Doomsday Station in Call of Duty Warzone

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Available across the Battle Royale modes on Caldera, only one Doomsday Station spawns randomly in a match. You can locate the Doomsday Station in and around the Peak point of interest (POI). Since there is a lot of ground to cover, it’s best to fly a helicopter around the central area of the map and look for a big black box.

If you are near the Doomsday Station, a red icon will appear on your screen and tac map as shown in the image above. Also keep an eye out for red flares and incoming A.I. helicopters around the area, as they only appear when a player activates the Doomsday Station.

How does the Doomsday Station work in Call of Duty Warzone?

After locating the Doomsday Station device, you’ll need $10,000 cash to activate it. Upon activation, you’ll have to secure the Doomsday Station just like the Recon Contract, but for a while longer. Meanwhile, enemy A.I. soldiers will be dropped at your location via helicopters. Although these bots pose little to no threat, beware of any enemy players that may have converged at your location.

What are the rewards for securing a Doomsday Station?

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Upon successfully securing a Doomsday Station, you and your squad will receive some highly valuable items that can help you win the game:

  • Specialist Bonus – Grants you all the perks in the game at once.
  • Foresight – Highlights the location of every safe zone placement on your map.
  • Advanced UAV – Marks every enemy player on the map for a short while.

Furthermore, players also receive huge XP bonuses and a cosmetic watch, which can be equipped from the in-game menu.

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