Deep Stone Crypt is a raid released in the Beyond Light expansion, allowing players to explore the intricacies of the snowy planet Europa. The raid takes place in the Deep Stone Crypt, a mysterious location hinted at in earlier lore entries. Although this location seems significant, what makes the Deep Stone Crypt so special? Here’s what we know about the Deep Stone Crypt in Destiny 2.

The Deep Stone Crypt in Destiny 2, explained

What is the backstory of the Deep Stone Crypt?

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At some point in their lives, every Exo has a dream. They walk toward a tower, believing it is their birthplace. Some Exos proceed without trouble to the tower, striding through fields of golden millet with the warmth of the sun on their back. Other Exos face an army. In order to reach the tower, they must kill the entire army, first with their bare hands and eventually with a weapon.

Perhaps the dream could be forgotten if it was only an army, filled with nameless faces that are mere obstacles to the place of their birth. And yet, the reality is infinitely worse. The army that every Exo must fight is made up of everyone they have ever met. Friends, lovers, passing acquaintances, and some individuals that are completely unfamiliar. They are most likely friends from a previous reset. Only after killing this army of beloved can an Exo approach the tower.

The attempts that are successful are few and far between. A majority of attempts end with their faces in the dirt, slain by their own kindred. This dream reminds Exos of their initial purpose, the bloodlust ingrained into their code. The dreams don’t stop. They repeat ad nauseum, as if pleading with Exos to uncover the mystery of their recurrence. Find me, the tower whispers. Come back to the womb that gave you life.

What is the Deep Stone Crypt?

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The Deep Stone Crypt is the birthplace of Exos, as seen by the dilapidated Exo bodies around the facility. The creation of Exos is widely attributed to Clovis Bray, grandfather of Elsie Bray, who is otherwise known as the Exo Stranger. The Deep Stone Crypt is a laboratory where Clovis Bray conducted his experiments, such as feeding Radiolarian Fluid to humans, and communing with the Darkness.

Clovis Bray’s techniques were inhumane and resulted in several deaths of test subjects. He wanted to test the effects of the very substance that brought the Vex to life, injecting Radiolarian Fluid into patients. Bray also sought to understand the Darkness, which he called Clarity. There is a section in the playable Deep Stone Crypt raid called Clarity Control, which is likely where Clovis Bray communicated with the Darkness.

In the Deep Stone Crypt, Clovis Bray tested numerous methods of creation, all of which resulted in the death of the patient. He even offered to amputate his fellow researcher’s arm and replace it with a Clarity-exposed arm. These tests caused the Deep Stone Crypt to have a sterile, medical appearance, masking the horrors that took place behind closed doors.

Why is the Deep Stone Crypt raid important?

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Due to the release of the Deep Stone Crypt raid, Guardians can now set foot on the location whispered about for years. Players with an Exo character even receive a special piece of dialogue from the raid’s Crypt AI, stating, “exo lifeforms present. Welcome home.” It is difficult to imagine how difficult and highly anticipated this raid must be, specifically for Exo Guardians. They are finally able to visit the surreal place of their dreams, their birthplace.

The presence of the Deep Stone Crypt has been referenced since the original Destiny lore, all the way back in 2015. The release of a playable, six-man venture into lore made tangible- now that’s incredible. Guardians are able to witness Clovis Bray’s malpractice with their own eyes, along with the bodies of long-forgotten Exos strewn across the floor. Perhaps now the dreams will stop, as the mysterious of the tower are made manifest.

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