Tower of Fantasy is an open-world live service title, meaning it will receive constant updates and new content. It also means that many activities are daily or weekly and must reset before you can complete them again. This may leave you wondering when the daily reset is for Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy – Daily Reset Timer

Tower of Fantasy’s daily reset time will depend on where you live and your time zone. Check out our list below to see when Tower of Fantasy resets in your time zone.

  • Pacific Time – 2am
  • Mountain Time – 3am
  • Central Time – 4am
  • Eastern Time – 5am
  • UK/Ireland – 10am
  • India – 2:30pm
  • Southeast Asia – 5pm
  • Japan – 6pm
  • Australia – 8pm
  • New Zealand – 10pm

Knowing this time is important as many tasks are locked behind daily resets. You will need to complete them multiple times to progress and earn experience, rewards, and exploration points. It also helps you know when to hop back into the game to complete your activities, especially if you are pressed for time.

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