Very few were lucky enough to get online during the highly anticipated launch of Overwatch 2. That being said, players were still able to get an impression of the new heroes and how the older ones have changed. Some look like they’re going to fall out of favor quickly (R.I.P. Moira), but other Overwatch staples will still be tearing it up the way they used to.

Which heroes are dominating in Overwatch 2?


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This support is changing how almost all supports are tiered in this game. Whoever played Blissey in Pokémon Unite knows how good a cleanse can be, and Kiriko provides that same boon. Here cleansing ability can cancel any crowd control the enemy tries to put on teammates, making her presence invaluable.


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Despite Kiriko being a big part of the meta, it’s possible that she isn’t even the best support out there, especially for solo queue. Lucio is a much better hero to select when playing alone since he can deal a fair amount of damage. This hero is more of a hybrid of multiple playstyles. Many support players prefer a hero who can go in and help the team. The other benefit Lucio brings is boosting speed, which will be very valuable in this meta.


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The tank meta is pretty much wide open in Overwatch 2. Plenty of characters fill this role excellently, including Sigma and Zarya. It’s really hard to beat the shield that Winston provides, though. This meta looks flank-heavy, so Winston becomes valuable at stopping pushes. He is also excellent at initiating pushes of his own with his team.


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Despite barely getting changed from his Overwatch 1 incarnation, Genji has become nothing less than a menace in this game. His multiple movement options can get him into key positions to pick targets off. There aren’t too many bad matchups for Genji; he is at least capable of dealing with every hero in the game.

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