Though seasons didn’t technically begin until Season of the Outlaw with the release of the Forsaken expansion, they’ve been retroactively tracked since the release of Destiny 2 in 2017. Seasons typically last around 90 days and introduce a new story beat alongside a new season pass and seasonal activity.

The current season in Destiny is Season 16, or Season of the Risen. It began on February 22, 2022, alongside the release of The Witch Queen expansion. It will run until May 24, 2022.

The current season’s story follows the uneasy alliance between Empress Caiatl and the Vanguard. Following the events of The Witch Queen’s story, a special task force has been delving into the Lucent Hive. This season has seen a lot of shakeups and moves characters to unexpected places. It’s definitely one to play for anyone interested in Destiny’s story.

The seasonal activity has Guardians tracking down and subduing Lucent Hive with the aid of Caiatl’s Psions. By traveling to the Mindscape, Guardians are able to do battle on another plane of existence. It’s a matchmade six-player activity that forms the foundation for this season’s story.

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