Lycans and additional monsters in Resident Evil Village will drop items from time to time. One of these items is a Crystal Skull, a treasure item players might pick up early in the game. So what does it do, and what is a treasure item?

What are Treasure Items?

Treasure items are objects found throughout the game that players should sell to Duke, the travelling merchant of RE Village. Players will receive Lei, aka money, in exchange for treasure items. Trading in treasure items is an efficient method of growing your wallet, particularly in the early stages of the game where you’re building your weapon arsenal.

Treasure items are further broken down by rarities: Valuable, Very Valuable, and Valuable/Combinable. Valuable and Very Valuable rarities are safe to sell and should net the player plenty of money. To view all Treasure items in your possession, open your Inventory and scroll to the Treasure category.

The Valuable/Combinable items should be considered more thoroughly. You might be able to craft two treasure items to create an object that is worth more combined. The game will tell you what items are Combinable, so you should hold onto them longer until you can combine it with a second item.

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What is the Crystal Skull?

The Crystal Skull is categorized as a Valuable Treasure Item. It sells for 900 Lei, aka money, and should be sold whenever you’re at Duke’s shop. It is not a Combinable treasure item so there is no need to hold onto the Crystal Skull longer than necessary.

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