In Vampire Survivors, the Cross weapon is one of the 10 weapons that are able to evolve. When evolved, the Cross becomes the Heaven Sword, an incredibly powerful weapon that is great for the late game past 15 minutes.

To evolve the Cross into the Heaven Sword, you’ll first need to unlock eight weapon upgrades, bringing the Cross to level eight. Next you’ll need to make sure to pick up the Clover item, which increases luck.

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Once you have achieved both of these prerequisites you can evolve the Cross into the Heaven Sword. After the 10-minutes mark, any chest you pick up will have the potential to have the Heaven Sword inside. These chests will drop from Boss monsters.

The Heaven Sword does critical hits which synergize with the Clover then increases luck. With a base damage of 30-40, it’s one of the most effective weapons in the game when evolved.

To unlock the Cross in the first place, you’ll first need to find a Rosary that drops from Light Sources such as candelabras and torches. Cross is not the starting weapon of any character in Vampire Survivors, so there’s unfortunately no quick way to rush the Heaven Sword.

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