Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands releases on March 25, 2022. This new entry in the Borderlands series mixes the classic gunplay with fantastical magic. It takes some heavy inspiration from Dungeons and Dragons, which can be seen in its class system. There are six different classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

One of these classes is the Clawbringer which may or not have been born with dragon blood running through its veins. Regardless, it combines fire and lightning with a massive hammer to deal out major damage.

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  • Cleansing Fire
    • The Clawbringer slams the hammer down, creating a large burst of fire.
  • Storm Dragon’s Judgement
    • Hurls the hammer, which becomes engulfed in electricity. It returns to the player’s hand, striking enemies in the way.

The Clawbringer’s Dragon Aura empowers their allies’ attacks with additional damage. They also have a wyvern companion who accompanies them into battle, occasionally attacking with fire or its claws. Pick this class if you want to be the vanguard!

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