Lost Ark offers players a ton of different ways to get into the game, with a good chunk of those ways being in the form of endgame content. One of the features introduced once players have access to this content is Chaos Dungeons. These are activities that you can play on your own or with up to four players that have you slaying monsters in order to fill a progress meter before the timer ends.

These dungeons might be only available once you have hit Level 50, but they also provide you with rewards that can only be accessible during the endgame including Engravings and tickets to the Cube.

How do you unlock chaos dungeons?

As stated before, you need to be Level 50 before you can begin the chaos dungeons. Completing nothing but the story won’t be enough to get you there so make sure you are taking advantage of side quests as you are playing.

You will also need to complete the Ealyn’s Request quest in North Vern. Once you’ve done both of these prerequisites, you can head to any hub town and look for a Chaos Dungeon Statue symbol on the map.

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