Call of Duty: Vanguard introduces a brand-new game mode called Patrol to the Call of Duty franchise. The Patrol game mode is a 6 vs. 6 version of Hardpoint where the points are constantly changing. In order to rack up points, players must get to the objective point and quickly move on to the next.

Call of Duty: Vanguard developer describes Patrol as “Based on Hardpoint, this objective-based mode features a scoring zone in near-constant motion.” Patrol was not available in the closed alpha, but will be available during the beta, which starts on September 10th for PlayStation players. The beta will be available for all players on all platforms from September 18th through the 20th.

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Patrol sounds like it will be a very fast-paced game mode that will make full use of the new multiplayer maps. For players that like lots of action and minimal camping, this may be the new go-to game mode. Although it has not been revealed how long each point will last, the description “near-constant motion” implies that the points will not last long at all. It will be interesting to see how the points work out and how long the average game can last.

Much of the discussion around Call of Duty: Vanguard is the combat-pacing and the similarities to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Based on how smooth the pacing and mechanics are, Patrol mode might be one of the main game modes for fast-paced skilled players.

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