After the events of Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy is thrown into the complications of another apocalyptic situation. Not only does she have to deal with corrupt AI that is on the loose actively destroying parts of nature, but now there is a dreaded blight. The blight can be seen throughout the world of Horizon Forbidden West and in the beginning cutscenes.

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What to know about the Blight

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Given its rather sinister name, the blight is a sort of infectious plant matter that has grown across the world. These bright red plants can grow from simple patches of low-lying weeds to full-grown trees. The blight is a particularly toxic plant that kills both other plants and animals.

Aloy finds several fox carcasses tangled within the mess of blight in the early maps and comments on the slimy nature of the plant. It appears to spread by shedding its overgrowth and letting the cut pieces grow into new plants. This causes it to grow into bodies of water and sweep across large swathes of land quickly.

Avoid stepping in the large patches of the red vines as it will slowly drain Aloy’s health and she will comment on how it is hard to breathe around the plants. Aside from this, the main thing to recognize with the blight is that it is just another component that Aloy will need to fix, aside from finding and reinstating GAIA. Without her action, this could quickly spiral out of control.

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