Resolver Weapons are crafted and customizable primary weapons in Far Cry 6. The game features 11 Resolver Weapons in total. All of them are meant to be extremely powerful, but some really stand out of the bunch.

Here’s our pick on the five best Resolver Weapons in Far Cry 6.


el susurro resolver weapon in far cry 6

A fast-firing monster that uses nail rounds. You will stay undetected by enemies while using this nail gun.


zeusito resolver weapon in far cry 6

A battery-powered EMP cannon. A single shockwave is capable of disabling enemy vehicles, turrets, and tanks.


el pequeno resolver weapon in far cry 6

A massive machine gun with a big belt of ammunition. It can easily destroy vehicles but comes at the cost of poor accuracy.

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la varita resolver weapon in far cry 6

A weapon with magical powers. By the blessings of the Oluwas, it allows you to shoot through walls when paired with the Triador Supremo.


la sorpresa resolver weapon in far cry 6

A single-shot explosive sniper rifle. It is capable of taking out multiple targets and even vehicles. The La Sorpresa is unbeatable when it comes to sheer power.

You can absolutely find your favorite by trying out these and the remaining six Resolver Weapon — La Clavadora, Discos Locos, Tostador, Pyrotechno, El Muro, and El Besito. Once you reach Level 4 in the game, all of these unlock can be purchased from Juan Cortez and his dealers for 100 Depleted Uranium.

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