The Allay is a friendly mob that loves music and will bring you more of any item given to it. The Allay is an adorable, blue ghost-like creature with wings that could make its way to Minecraft following the Mob Vote 2021.

The annual Minecraft Live features the fan-favorite Mob Vote, which brings in a new mob to the game voted on by players. This year, the Mob Vote will take place on October 16th and will determine what mob makes the cut.

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What does the Allay do?

The Allay can be a very helpful and extremely cute mob that players can send out to gather items. Allay’s are drawn to Note Blocks, so they will dance when one is played and drop an item near one if there is one nearby. If any item is given to an Allay, it will go search for a matching item to bring back.

Mojang could reveal more about the Allay if it is voted for in the Mob Vote. Since it is a friendly mob, it could be interesting to see if it needs to be tamed, where it resides, and how other mobs may interact with it.

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