Teabagging in an FPS is normally a sign of disrespect or a manner of taunting an opponent you just killed. Splitgate takes a somewhat different approach to teabagging—actually encouraging their player base to do this infamous act. 1047 Games even created an entire game type for this in season 0 of Splitgate.

This game mode is called Teabag Confirmed, and you might be wondering what it is. It plays like Kill Confirmed in the Call of Duty series except more disgusting. Players compete in a death match where the kills only count if you teabag your enemy. Enemies can deny your team points by teabagging in return.

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This hilarious game mode is one of Splitgate’s many game modes, and 1047 Games have shown they aren’t afraid to experiment. They even added floating tea bags over corpses. In Teabag Confirmed, you will see a lot of crouching done by repeatedly pressing the Control key.

This approach to teabagging and incorporating it as the primary game mode function is an ingenious way to get players to have fun. What is normally seen as disrespectful could now be considered necessary as it is the only way to score points. Or maybe that guy on the other team has no idea what game mode they are playing and just wants to teabag you.

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