Tap strafing is a very advanced movement mechanic in Apex Legends that allows players to quickly change direction mid-air while maintaining momentum. In order to pull off tap strafing, you need a few things. Players will need to know how to b-hop and air strafe, and most importantly, a mouse and keyboard.

By using a mouse and keyboard, players can slide jump and quickly change directions, sometimes able to spin 180 degrees around. Tap strafing is a very advanced technique that requires a lot of practice and quick key inputs but is recently getting attention as a potentially unfair exploit to the game’s movements. Since console players are unable to perform this technique, some consider it an unfair advantage for PC players.

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It seems tap strafing will be no more following the Apex Legends 10.1 patch. The patch’s release date has not been revealed, so players can still use the technique on mouse and keyboard for a short time. The planned removal of tap strafing has been met with controversy, with many PC players showing frustration for the decision. Respawn Entertainment has announced the reason for the removal, stating, “It’s inaccessible, lacks readability/counterplay, and is exacerbated by movement abilities.”

How to Tap Strafe

As long as the Apex Legends 10.1 patch is not out, players can still learn the advanced movement. Youtuber Fingle provides a step-by-step guide for learning tap strafing, so players of all levels can learn how to do it. For now, players can hit the training ground to learn the technique, and decide if they think it is unfair or not.

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