If you’ve been playing the globally popular word game Wordle, you may feel that the slow pace is a bit boring after a while. If so, consider trying squabble, a rapid-paced royale-style word game alternative to Wordle.

What is Squabble? About the Game

Squabble is a word multiplayer word-guessing game inspired by Wordle. Released in 2022 by Ottomated, the battle royale word game matches players with random users to rapidly solve a mystery word in a back and forth fashion, gaining points or taking damage with each round. There are two modes, Blitz, which has a smaller amount of players, and Royale, where players in larger numbers are slowly eliminated.

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How to Play Squabble

Choose which round type you want to join, and create an account (or play as a guest if you want). Join a lobby, start a game, or enter a code your friend sent you. Join the game by typing in READY. After this, you’ll enter the game. Rapidly guess your word, as this is like Wordle, only much faster. You’ll be eliminated if you do not guess quickly enough or guess incorrectly.

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