If you are wondering how to use SP in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, it is simple. In short, SP is used to upgrade the Ouroboros form, unlock new skills, Arts, and various abilities. You can use SP to unlock various skills, Arts, and abilities inside the Soul Tree menu option after a major boss fight in Chapter two. Once unlocked, you can use SP inside the Soul Tree by accessing the Interlink option in the Character options menu below. After clicking the Interlink option, you can access and unlock new skills, Arts, and abilities inside the Soul Tree menu. 

How to unlock Ouroboros Skills, Arts, and Abilities in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

To unlock new Ouroboros abilities, skills, and Arts, you must first gather SP from winning battles with enemies in the game. After winning a few battles, you can unlock new skills, abilities, and Arts inside Soul Tree by hovering over an ability, skill, or Art using the D-Pad or Analog sticks. When you find a skill, ability, or Art you like, you can unlock it by holding down the A key

How to farm SP in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

If you want to earn more SP in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you must farm various unique enemies in the game. The more unique enemies you slay, the more SP you will earn in the game. However, you can also earn SP from discovering new landmarks, regions and opening containers. You can also earn plenty of SP from completing the various quests found in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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