As part of Devolver Digital’s portion of Summer Game Fest, the publisher unveiled a number of new games, including Skate Story, a stylish new skating game. With a dark-wave aesthetic with a haunting soundtrack, Skate Story looks incredibly interesting. Here are all the details on Skate Story

Everything we know about Skate Story

Described in perhaps the most succinct way by Devolver themselves, in Skate Story, you are a demon made out of glass and pain. Skating around the Underworld, land your tricks to avoid falling and shattering into glass. Created by Sam Eng, a one-person dev team, and with music by Blood Cultures, this is an indie game that leans hard into beautiful aesthetics and its incredible atmosphere.

What type of game is Skate Story?

Skate Story looks to be a skating game in the vein of classic Tony Hawk: Pro Skater games, but with the stylishness and abstract graphics turned up to 11. However, stages seem more linear than most skate games, suggesting this may be more of an adventure game than it appears on first glance.

What is the release date for Skate Story?

Skate Story doesn’t have a concrete release date just yet. Instead, it’s slated for release sometime in 2023. You can wishlist the game on Steam already though.

What platforms will Skate Story be on?

Currently, Skate Story is only slated for release on PC through Steam. However, if it shares the success of fellow indie skate game SkateBIRD, we could see this stylish title make the transition to consoles and other platforms.

Skate Story Trailer

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