Elden Ring took the world by storm with its release. Fans of the Soulsborne formula had a fresh new world to play in and a grand story to uncover. Part of what makes these excursions so fun is the ability to bring a friend along. However, Elden Ring has some bizarre restrictions on where and how co-op play works. Thankfully, mod creator LukeYui has engineered a solution for those restrictions.

Note: Please review disclaimer at the end of this guide.

Everything to know about the Seamless Co-op mod for Elden Ring

After being teased for weeks, Seamless Co-op came to Nexus Mods in late May. The basic premise is that it allows players to work through the entirety of Elden Ring without restrictions. There are some caveats to this, but it essentially gets around the issues multiplayer presents in Elden Ring. Here are some of the highlights:

  • All players are able to ride Torrent
  • Sessions are not ended when one player dies. They instead respawn at the last Site of Grace visited. In the case of boss fights, any player who dies will be put into spectator mode.
  • Defeating bosses and clearing areas no longer disconnects co-operators
  • All fog walls/barriers have been removed
  • All map waypoints synchronize
  • Players are able to rest at a Site of Grace, level up, and perform all essential functions. This will reset the world state for all players in the session.

How to install Seamless Co-op mod

  • Download the mod from the link above
  • Extract the files and copy them to your Elden Ring folder (typically located in “C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonELDENRINGGame”)
  • Edit “cooppassword.ini” to your chosen co-op password
  • Launch the mod using “lauch_elden_ring_seamless_coop.exe”
    • If the mod fails to launch the game, it may need to be run as an Administrator

How does the Seamless Co-op mod work in Elden Ring?

After setting the password within the cooppassword.ini file for both players, the host will need to use the Tiny Great Pot in their inventory. This will open up the world for co-operators. Any co-operators will need to use the Effigy of Melina. Should any player in the party wish to end the session, they will need to use the Separating Mist. This will return co-operators to the last place they were in before joining the session.

Will Seamless Co-op get me banned?

Disclaimer: GameTips.PRO cannot guarantee that using this mod will not result in a ban. Use at your own discretion. The creator of the mod states that players should be safe from a ban, as using the separate launcher prevents Elden Ring from connecting to FromSoftware’s matchmaking servers and uses separate save files. However, should crafty players find a way to convert the modded saves to vanilla saves and attempt to play online, they risk facing a ban.

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