Pet Attacking Simulator is a fun and chill experience on Roblox where you attempt to collect various rarities of pets that protect and fight for you in battle around the world. Use your powerful pets to fight mobs of enemies and collect coins to help you grow your pack or unlock exciting new locations filled with more pet opportunities and possibilities. Discover all the types of pets available by hatching eggs, or trade with fellow players to get the one you want. Keep your pets attacking to gain more money and grow your power.

Pet Attacking Simulator utilizes coins and diamonds as its currency, so you can buy various pet eggs and hatch rare pets or use them to unlock the gates leading into exciting new areas of possibilities. You can earn coins and diamonds by using your pets to fight the mobs in your location. Each time you defeat one, you collect more money. You can also earn some free rewards by using codes.

Codes are given to players by the developers for them to enter the game and receive free rewards, such as coins and diamonds, instantly without any extra hassle. They are super easy to enter and well worth it, so you can get a headstart on your Pet Attacking adventure.

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How to get codes for free stuff in Pet Attacking Simulator

We have a frequently-updated page where we list all the active Pet Attacking Simulator codes. These codes are added regularly to the game by developers, usually during updates, events, or holidays. These can be shown in the description or images of the game, but sometimes they require you to follow the developer’s social media accounts, such as Discord or Twitter. For your convenience, bookmark this page and check back whenever to see when a new code has been added.

What are Rank Rewards in Pet Attacking Simulator?

You can also receive more free rewards by collecting the Rank Rewards in the lobby. These are revealed by the colorful stack of presents labeled “Rank Rewards.” Stepping into the gifts will automatically claim your reward and begin a timer notifying you when you can claim another free prize. You can gain all sorts of great prizes from this, including free diamonds or coins to help you continue your pet journey!

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