For those looking to be genuinely challenged throughout their Roblox play throughs, the anime RPG Deepwoken may be what you’re looking for. Reminiscent of the notoriously difficult action-RPG Dark Souls, Deepwoken utilizes permadeath features and, most notably, a variation of the infamous humanity system. As mentioned by fans, it’s not for the faint of heart. To learn more about Deepwoken, including its plot, game mechanics, features, and more, continue reading below.


Taken from the experience’s launch page, the official developer-made description for Deepwoken is as follows:

Deepwoken is a difficult game with permanent character death. Losing characters is a part of the game that should be expected. Seek out your destiny upon an unforgiving sea and unravel the mysteries of a dying world. Discover and modify powerful abilities, find unique strengths, and develop your character into a force to be reckoned with. Desperately try to escape the horrors that lurk just beneath the waves. Whatever you do, it’s your story to be told.



While the way in which Deepwoken is played through is dependent on the user, there is a plot that can be followed at any point. NPCs can be found around Deepwoken’s map that will give numerous quests, items to help your character grow in level, and hints as to where enemy locations can be found. Following along these quests will take the player through the experience’s main plot, though there is so specific order or time period in which these quests must be completed.

Deepwoken utilizes both a linear narrative and an open-world exploration style to allow each player to create their own story. Users can also play through aspects of Deepwoken more than once, so no two play throughs have to be the same.

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Permadeath feature

As mentioned earlier, Deepwoken utilizes a permadeath mechanic, meaning that players have two lives, followed by one redemption life in The Depths. The third life in The Depths is given as a final resort to players who have died twice in the normal Deepwoken world—this mechanic is similar to that of Dark Souls, where players are transformed into their Hollow Form after they die and given the chance to consume a humanity item in order to return. In order to return to the surface in Deepwoken, players must escape The Depths without being killed by the deep-lurking monsters.

If players are killed in The Depths, their account is fully wiped, with all previous Deepwoken save data being removed from their account. Upon spawning back in, players will be level one and have to restart the entirety of the experience from the beginning.

Attributes Menu mechanic

The Attribute Menu is used in Deepwoken to help players keep track of their character’s strengths, weaknesses, and talents.


All of the possible attributes can be found below.

  • Strength
    • Raw, physical strength
      • Increases user’s carrying capacity
  • Fortitude
    • Ability to resist damage and disease
      • Increases user’s Health
  • Agility
    • Slight of hand and nimbleness
      • Improves user’s Parkour and Stealth
  • Intelligence
    • Logical processing and problem-solving skills
      • Increases user’s Ether and Reservoir
  • Willpower
    • Inner strength and ability to keep a steady mind
      • Increases user’s Sanity and Reservoir
  • Charisma
    • Ability to influence others
      • Increases user’s Ether

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Boons and Flaws

Below attributes are Boons and Flaws, which serve as permanent pros and cons for a user’s character. Each time that a character receives a Boon, they must also receive a Flaw of some sort. These possible Boons and Flaws are listed below.

  • Boons
    • Autodidact
      • User receives a free attribute to invest every level
    • Gourmet
      • Foods consumed by the user give more HP
    • Marauder
      • User can steal luck from others at a slightly higher rate
    • Maverick
      • User gains more experience when completing tasks alone
    • Survivalist
      • User is resistant to environmental effects
  • Flaws
    • Deficient
      • User regenerates Ether and Reservoir slower than normal
    • Haemophilia
      • User is more prone to bleeding and bleeds heavily
    • Obvious
      • User is detected by enemies more easily
    • Simple
      • User learns at a slower rate than normal
    • Squeamish
      • User is pained when they take the life of another
    • Vegetarian
      • User cannot eat animals


The list below features all of the controls for Deepwoken.

  • WASD or arrow keys – Movement keys
  • WW – Sprint
  • Ctrl – Crouch
  • WW + Ctrl – Slide
  • Q – Roll
  • E – Interact
  • F – Parry
  • F (hold) – Block
  • Y – Switch stance
  • T – Taunt
  • X – Gesture
  • P – Toggle Cosmetic
  • V – Carry KO’d teammate
  • B – Execute KO’d enemy
  • M1 (Left click) – Light attack
  • M2 (Right click) – Feint/cancel
  • M3/R – Critical attack

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