There are quite a few plants that you can harvest while exploring in Horizon Forbidden West. One of the ones you will find early into the game is called Riverbloom. You may be wondering just what you can do with Riverbloom, though, and if it can help you in the game.

Riverbloom is a plant that can be sold in exchange for cooking supplies. It is marked as an uncommon item in-game and will only grow in shallow rivers. It should be easy to notice, as like most plants, it will be marked as a harvestable item.

The flower on the plant is also a bright yellow, making it stand out against the water. Despite this, it isn’t hard to collect, and you will easily encounter the plants around Chainscrape.

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You will need to gain items other than Riverbloom to trade for many food items, but it doesn’t hurt to keep some on hand or in your storage. Keep in mind that you can fast travel back to areas you’ve already explored, so you can easily move around to spots where the plant grows and harvest it as needed.

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